On behalf of Indian Institute of Management, Ahmadabad, I would like to thank Dr. Sanjay Prem for conducting the workshop on ‘Harmony in Life’ on March 9, 2018 at the Institute’s Campus. The workshop was very well enjoyed and appreciated by the participants. The workshop has immensely helped the participants in bringing positivity in their life. His advice of simple and easy lifestyle changes has influenced their life and has led to much better quality of life.

We are happy to have such an eminent motivational person in our esteemed organization.
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Prof. Vishal Gupta, Associate Professor, Organizational Behavior Area & Chairperson, Welfare Committee, IIMA

Aryan College is amongst the best colleges in Ajmer. Many students complained to their respective counsellors that they experienced failed relationships due to the modern lifestyles. The youngsters weren’t able to form real relationships with their friends and loved ones because they were too engrossed with social media. When we found out that Dr Sanjay Prem, the leading motivational speaker, also provided love and relationship counselling, we wasted no time and invited him to conduct a session at our college. Through his session on Love and Relationship Management, Dr Sanjay Prem helped the students in analysing the problems that they faced. Since his session, the number of complaints have greatly decreased. More and more students are able to overcome the hurdles posed by modern technology to forming relationships with the people around them. The effects of the session have also reflected on the academic performance of many students.


Aryan College, Ajmer

Dr Sanjay Prem is an eminent life coach who provides corporate trainings to enhance the efficiency of the employees. We had invited Dr Sanjay Prem to conduct a Corporate Stress Management Workshop at our premises in Ahmedabad. Due to the high volume of work, our employees had been experiencing chronic stress. The chronic stress led to eventual decrease in their work efficiency, which reflected negatively on the revenues of the company. Dr Sanjay Prem conducted an interactive stress management session and provided a few easy tips to the employees. By following the tips, the employees have experienced significant improvement and they are now able to deal with stress.

Paramount Propack Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad

Dr Sanjay Prem is one of the top motivational speakers across India and a prominent Brain Training expert in Gujarat. We had invited Dr Sanjay Prem to conduct the Corporate Wellness Workshop within our premises. Through his workshop, Dr Sanjay Prem influenced the lives of all the employees who attended the workshop. He gave some important advice regarding simple and easy lifestyle changes that the employees can make to lead a much better quality of life. We have experienced a great change in the work culture and the atmosphere of the organization. The efficiency of the workers has greatly improved since they have started practicing Wellness tips offered by Dr Sanjay Prem. We are greatly indebted to Dr Sanjay Prem for the improved efficiency of the employees and thus, our enhanced revenues.

Suraj Group of Companies, Ahmedabad

We had invited Dr Sanjay Prem to conduct the Goal Setting Workshop at our institute. Our institute specializes in helping students make correct career choices and thus, establish successful and happy professional lives. Through his inspirational workshop, Dr Sanjay Prem empowered the students to find their professional as well as personal calling. Dr Sanjay Prem provided real life examples of how correct guidance can help people to achieve success in life. He also shared motivational videos with the students which helped the students to evaluate their personal as well as professional goals. Dr Sanjay Prem helped the students in understanding the importance of a balanced life and that they should lay equal importance on both, their personal as well as professional lives.

Abhigyan Career Institute, Kuchaman

Dr Sanjay Prem conducted a motivational workshop at our institute and it has immensely helped our students. The students are much more optimistic after Dr Sanjay Prem’s workshop, and the change in their attitude is reflected in the academic performance as well. The students are more motivated and more willing to participate in extra-curricular activities after the workshop. The students religiously follow the advice offered by Dr Sanjay Prem and have formed various clubs like drama club, music club, etc. We are very happy to have invited the eminent motivational speaker Dr Sanjay Prem to our esteemed institute.

National Law College, Gandhinagar.